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Taynor of the Ice Age

An Historical Novel

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A coming of age novel of historical fiction, Taynor of the Ice Age is the thrilling story of a young man's struggles and adventures as part of the Snow Clan, set against the cold and unforgiving environment that was the Ice Age.   It is a story for young adult readers of all ages.

  Author Tom Paul Fox researched this epoch extensively and story details faithfully reflect what paleontologists and anthropologists have pieced together about how these people lived.  More importantly, the twists and turns in the young man's make it a great adventure.  8.95/paperback; 2.99/E-book.

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The First Kokopelli

A Picture Book

The First Kokopelli is a children's picture book that tells the story of how this popular deity, revered by many Native American tribes, came to be.  The original story is faithful to what is known about these ancient cultures.  The engaging story is an ideal "read to me" book, as well as, a picture book young readers can enjoy.  This 32 page, softcover book, hand-signed by the artist, and  measures 8 1/2"x11".  It is available for 12.95 + shipping.

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O's, Elbows, & Eggs

A Fun Basic "How to Draw" Book

A totally original drawing book featuring unique characters kids of all ages can learn to draw using fun,  easy to follow, classic foundational drawing tips and techniques invaluable to any budding artist.   What is learned is useful to any representational art subjects you want to pursue, such as painting and illustration.   This 24 page softcover book is signed by the artist and measures 8 1/2"x11".  It is spiral-bound so instructional pages lay flat for easy reference.  This book will be available in June, 2022.  10.95 + shipping.  To reserve a copy contact Tom.  He will send you an announcement when you can order it.

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Woodchuck Wisdom

A Woodchuck's Perspective on Life

A collection of simple, yet profound, aphorisms taken from the rich heritage of groundhog society, capturing the essence of their philosophy and moral code.

It's the world according to woodchucks, with powerful truths for all of humankind.   Written by Godfrey Groundhog and illustrated by Tom Paul Fox and is hand-signed.   36-pages, 8"x6", spiral-bound, softcover.  10.95 + shipping.

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