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Tom Paul Fox

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Award Winning Author & Illustrator

I'm one of those people who, when growing up, never knew exactly what they wanted to do  (and was always a bit envious of the kids who did!).  As a consequence, I have become "a jack of all trades but a master of none".   I am a writer, illustrator, amateur actor, and teacher.  If you can relate to one of those avocations then we probably have something to share.

New Release

Taynor of the Ice Age

A coming of age novel of historical fiction, Taynor of the Ice Age is the thrilling story of a young man's struggles and adventures as part of the Snow Clan, set against the cold and unforgiving environment that was the Ice Age.   It is a story for young adult readers of all ages.

  Author Tom Paul Fox researched this epoch extensively and story details faithfully reflect what paleontologists and anthropologists have pieced together about how these people lived.  More importantly, the twists and turns in the young man's life make it a great adventure.

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"Great historical fiction for young adult readers, but really for any age reader!!   The author is a master of character development.  Great sketches accompany the amazing facts of the Ice Age  era.  The ending leaves you  wanting more.  This could become a great series!  I hope this is the author's plan!!"

Kim N.

"Usually I am more a fan of fantasy or more recent historical fiction, but this really hit the sweet spot of content to make it really enjoyable.  Great tidbits about life in the ice age for early humans with enough drama and action to bring it to life."

North Carolina Reads

"Hardship, conflict, friendship, adventure, love and more.  Taynor of the Ice Age brings us an ancestor we would all be proud of, using his creative acumen to overcome the many obstacles of everyday life in prehistoric times."

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Creative Writing Help

Tom conducts online classes through Yavapai College, and in person workshops locally in Western New York.  He is also available for online tutoring sessions for writers on a variety of topics.  Check them out below.

Manuscript Editing & Revision
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This 1+ hour online tutoring session is for the writer who is struggling to get their ideas on paper.  You have a worthy project but are stymied by lack of production and the writing process.  Is it writer's block, a lack of confidence, or something else?  This session will CHANGE THE WAY YOU WRITE - GUARANTEED!  You will learn how to harness your creativity and passion to consistently make progress on your manuscript or other writing project every time you  sit down to write.   Tutoring fee - $30.  Contact Tom to schedule a convenient time.

Upcoming Library Workshops

Contact the library if you would like to participate in these workshops and programs.  These are all in Western NY, area phone code 716).  They are FREE!

Manga - 4/5th, 11:00am, Lancaster,  683-1120

Write Your Book! -5/3rd,6:30pm Lancaster 683-1120

Art Magic -6/8th, 6:30pm Clarence, 741-1257

Art Magic -6/26th, 6:30pm Akron, 542-2327

Cartoon Fun! - 7/14th, 11:00am, Clarence 741-1257

Manga -7/19th, 6:30pm,  Akron, 542-2327

Manga -8/11th, 11:00am, Clarence, 714-1257

Manuscript Editing & Revision
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A one-stop, 5 session online course to equip you to be able to polish your manuscript like a pro, resulting in a book you can be proud of. 


 WRI230  Wednesdays,  6/14-7/12, 8:30-10:30pm, Eastern Time (daylight saving).  $85.00

Picture Book Illustration in the Digital Age

If you thought it would be fun to illustrate a children's picture book, you are right, and it is.  Award-winning picture book illustrator shows you how to create artwork , layout, and design for books in the digital age.  This is a unique, one-of-a-kind, 5-session course you are sure to enjoy.  


WRI135  Thursdays, 6/15-7/13, 8:30-10:30pm Eastern Time (daylight saving).  $85.00.

Call:  928 717-7755 to register

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About Tom Paul Fox

Tom is both an award-winning author and illustrator. 

After a successful career in Public Broadcasting he has time to devote to his own creative projects.  He has won prizes* and awards* for his writing, editorial cartoons, and for his picture book design & illustration work.  At the same time, he discovered the joys of teaching what he loves to others and has been working as a Teaching Arts for years, conducting workshops and residencies in libraries, schools, and colleges, and now, of course, online.  If there is an area of creative writing or cartooning & drawing that you would like 1-to-1 instruction on, please inquire.    

*Artist of the Year, Livingston County Council of the Arts, NY; First Place, Moment of Grace, Genesee Community College Playwriting Competition; First Place, The Green Room, Keith C. Hetrick Playwriting Competition for New York Playwrights. 2-time prize winner for Editorial Cartooning in York State Press Association's annual Better Newspaper competitions. Second Place winner in the 2021 Purple Dragonfly Children's Book Awards (I designed and illustrated the book).

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